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Don’t we count?

July 26, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

We live in a world today filled with dangerous infections, viruses, chemicals, and poisonous compounds. We have to be careful of everything we eat and come in contact with. We have to watch the air we breath and the people we touch.

Plastics, fluorocarbons, carcinogens, and now algae. We no longer can just wait until the algae and red tide goes away. Because it does not go away! Southwest Florida, once considered a paradise and playground for the famous, is now on the verge of destruction. For many years we have been warning our chosen leaders to address this problem and they attacked it with rhetoric and unfulfilled promises. Now we watch as our past dire predictions come true. Rare and endangered marine life are washing up on our beaches dead! Whale shark, sea turtles, manatees, and dolphin are just the ones that get the most attention. But this is wiping out entire ecosystems, economies, and endangering the lives of millions of residents and vacationers.

Blue green algae in fresh water releases from Lake O bloom in canals and rivers on the way to the Gulf. Once there it dies and feeds the growth of red tide along with all the extra nutrients, nitrates, and phosphates washing down the rivers already. If you notice the red tide is worse around the passes where the rivers release.

But all we still hear are promises and rhetoric! We won't see any great affect of what is being done until 2022 or 2025? Really!!! We had an oil spill and they had volunteers, paid emergency responders, and equipment to confine the spread and damage to the environment and people there the next day! Don't we count? The government even went so far as to sue for restoration and restitution from the companies responsible. Who created this and who can we sue? Why is the government waiting now? Why aren't there crews on Lake O spreading boom and using skimmers to collect the blue green algae before it leaves Lake O? It is not hard to see or locate. Why not collect and restrict it at the locks with boom and skimmer? Why not have a regular monitoring and collection system set up at the locks for future blooms. Or are we just going to wait for it to happen again before we deal with it?

Does anyone expect this will get better before the summer is over? We will still get more rain and the temperatures are not going down. It seems we would get a better response if an oil truck ruptured and fell into the river. We would see next day results.

Visit Paddlers Against The Flow for more,

Frustrated Florida resident

John Paeno

Bonita Springs



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