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Foot soldier’ Rooney marching to the wrong beat

July 20, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Congress person Francis Rooney, conceding that he has done nothing so far for Southwest Florida in a recent NPR interview described himself as "... just a foot soldier" for President Trump. Indeed, this is a far more honest assessment from a man with much to be humble about, than your recent letter to the editor by Missi Lastra. Lastra (whom you neglected to identify as the President of the Republican Women of Cape Coral) misrepresents his record claiming he had accomplished something. His lack of accomplishment on anything she obscures by claiming he has been a champion for Florida. He has not.

The Rooney Trump agenda of declaring there will be no drilling and then a few weeks later announcing that they were just kidding, and Florida waters aren't really "off limits" to big oil is typical of the bait-and-switch tactics of giving the home constituency nothing but false braggadocio. Deep in the pocket of Big Sugar, Rooney has done nothing to protect the water to south Florida, allowing it to be polluted by agribusiness run off from Lake O.

"Protecting life" is how the writer describes Rooney's willingness to put a women's life at risk by forcing her into precarious medical model, hoping to foist unwanted children onto welfare state expense. One out of seven people are nutritionally at risk in South Florida. But Rooney and Trump's refusing medical insurance to indigent families and attempts cut to food stamps simply undermines any child born to a single mother of having a fair shot at meaningful citizenship.

For professional panderers to misogyny like Congressperson Rooney there is never any suggestion that the baby daddy kick in a penny to carry the cost of raising the child. Of course not. Dump the welfare baby on the taxpayer's door step and piously claim God's will. He is an unmitigated failure, and should be voted out.

Ellen Starbird

Cape Coral



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