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The purpose of government

July 13, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Here is one of several mis-quotes upon an infamous and utterly naive comment on the purpose of government as seen by Calvin Coolidge :

"The business of government is business".

It comes in a half dozen versions - each a misquote of Coolidge's original words - and each completely wrong.

In a free nation of "We The People," the business of government is to optimize the circumstances of all - not just of a chosen few, but indeed of all the people - of all of the participants, with no single group entitled to or permitted to exercise an unfair advantage or hegemony over the other participants.

This is fortunate, because as it turns out - using but simple mathematics - one group of participants may touch or even temporarily exceed but can not can sustain its most favorable long-Term position until all groups of participants likewise are enabled to sustain their most favorable long-term positions.

The truth of this statement is completely obvious to any thoughtful, clear-minded, fair-minded and moral person - but it is almost always overlooked by all parties - to their extreme peril!!! This outcome comes inevitably with the exercise of strength and patience by all participants.

Above all, this truth shows that the pet notion of Conservatives, that of "Trickle Down Economics," does not and can not work!!!

Put another way, this truth does not derive from the party politics of any stripe at all! It simply derives from the immutable laws of physics.

On the unclean flip side of this coin one finds the ideas of classical Political Propaganda, as spewed forth daily by any and all parties, left - or right - inclined and as organized and codified by P J Goebbels many years ago.

Allen N. Wollscheidt

Cape Coral



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