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Misuse of authority

July 13, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Something very un-American is happening in the special counsel's activity. The special counsel is a loose canon that can point in any direction and fire. The target can be anyone who might have any thread of a connection to Trump.

The target now has no choice but to hire a lawyer because no one but a legal expert could know the dangers of communicating with the special counsel. One misspoken word could result in the special counsel pursuing an indictment.

The special counsel has an ulterior motive, according to Judge Ellis. Their purpose is to obtain information to pursue other people who have contacts in the Trump world. It's a form of blackmail. Misdemeanors or even perjury that is not pursued in the normal cases is now reason to lock someone up and indict them.

Someone with a small networth has to defend themselves against a special counsel with more than 10 lawyers, a large staff and unlimited money. The special counsel has no limits or supervision of its financial expenditures.

Driving someone into bankruptcy and threats by a government backed monster is un-American in my humble opinion. We know that those who have the most money often win in our judicial system but this is over the top.

John A Benedict

Cape Coral



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