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Honoring our heroes, not those breaking our laws

July 13, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Again we see the streets in many of our cities in America crowded with protesters vying for attention in crying foul for United States upholding our immigration laws. At no point should anyone breaking the law be afforded a free pass across our borders. There is a legal process for seeking immigration. Those not complying by illegally crossing our borders should face immediate deportation without exception.

Reflecting this past July 4th on honoring our true heroes I often wonder how many of you illegal alien sympathizers gathering in the streets of America in support of those breaking our nation's laws filled the streets of America welcoming and comforting myself and my fellow veterans home after being devastated by the horrors of war and many months in the hospital in 1966. As our the aircraft approached San Francisco International carrying many recovering wounded veterans, the pilot announced that if any of us had civilian clothes he would encourage us to change in the bathroom before leaving the airport for our own safety. How sad after suffering from wounds and the fresh memories of the horrors of war we were now greeted with hostility from our fellow Americans..... I will never forget. Where, my fellow Americans, was that comfort and welcome that we all needed so much upon our return?

Now those who gave so much to protect our freedoms have to again take a back seat to those breaking our nation's laws. How many children were separated from their parents forever when they were killed in war by a hostile enemy of the United States in the protection of our nation's freedom?

Well briefed on how to seek amnesty, those crossing our boarders illegally are now supported by the American taxpayer with shelter and food. Yet, I see many of veterans (U.S. citizens) seeking assistance after their exposure to the horrors of war denied assistance for years until they can meet this high standard of criteria placed upon them by our government. Why are those here illegally provided extraordinary assistance after breaking our laws?

When laws are broken by American citizens and they are incarcerated for their crime. Do they take their children with them during that incarceration?

Today and every day we should be reaching out to those protecting our freedoms and laws instead of worshiping this golden calf. Our veterans and first responders should be first and foremost the priorities of every American citizen. And, our laws should be upheld.

In ending I must ask the question, how many of you illegal immigrant sympathizers filled the streets of America when Kate Steinle was killed on Pier 41 in San Francisco while walking with her father by five-time deported illegal immigrant Francisco Sanchez? Kate's father will be separated from his daughter forever. There is no federal judge that can end that separation. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein did you condemn this senseless killing?

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral



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