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Rule of politics rules

July 13, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I was an Air Force officer for 20 years and worked as a DOD, DHS, and DOJ contractor for the next 20 years plus. My wife was a federal employee, working as a software engineer for the Air Force for over 25 years. If either of us had done one tenth of what Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has done involving unethical and unlawful activities, we would have been fired and most likely would have served time in prison. There's no question that high ranking appointed and elected federal employees are above the law.

So I was infuriated to read a CNN article that stated that an administration official has stated that Pruitt is "inching forward to the tipping point." Inching forward? Are you kidding me!

Two things in the article raised my blood pressure further. A Trump administration official stated that the administration is concerned that the situation with Pruitt's behavior might serve as a Democratic talking point leading up to the 2018 election. So the only concern with Pruitt's nefarious behavior is its political impact?

The other thing I found troubling is what the article stated about removing Pruitt: "Ultimately, the decision is with Trump." If that's true then not only is President Trump above the law, but so are all his nominees and appointees. Actually, Donald Trump IS the law. Trump has violated, and is violating government contracts, federal laws, and the Constitution. Are there no checks and balances to hold Trump accountable? Yes, but that power rests with the U.S. Congress. Unfortunately, Congress is giving Trump and his administration a free pass.

There is the possibility that the Mueller investigation could lead to an indictment of President Trump. That's highly unlikely, but if it does, it would lead to a constitutional battle ultimately decided by the Supreme Court, a prospect that would rip our country apart. Maybe that's what Russian President Vladimir Putin was hoping for when he backed Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

So, only Congress has the unquestionable Constitutional power to hold Trump and his administration accountable. Why is Congress allowing Trump's nefarious and un-Constitutional behavior to continue? I think it's because we're no longer a nation governed by the rule of law. We're now a nation governed by the rule of politics.

Russell Moody

Cape Cor



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