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Action, not talk

June 21, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Americans, all of us, are absolutely fed up with the incessant talking by elected officials. Both those in Washington and the disappointments locally continue to babble without meaningful suggestions for improvements, proving that the "swamp" needs cleaning out throughout the political spectrum.

Locally, the battle now is who will pay for the protection of our kids in school. Let's be clear; the question is stupid and the delay in putting the resource officers in place is both dopey and irresponsible. Let's leave nothing to the imagination here: The kids deserve protection and the playing by politicians is a sickening example of uselessness in government.

We don't need political idiots offering condolences after each massacre, standing at the microphone, along with dummies behind them, and mumbling useless sympathies. We need action NOW to avoid the next tragedy.

If it's money that's needed, put a tax on alcohol, cigarettes, and any other debilitating substances, the objections are nowhere near as important as child protection.

In Washington, and the screaming over protection for those crossing our borders illegally, shame on loud-mouthed politicians not only refusing to do their jobs but, adding insult to injury, by pointing the finger at President Trump when the President is only enforcing the laws that they made.

The Congress is proving itself to be a useless and worthless body of morons!

We desperately need a wall to provide security and lawfulness for Americans. We cannot continue to permit migration into our country without caring for the rule of law.

And it's time for the "fake news" people to support Americanism and turn away from the wackos who offer no meaningful suggestions.

Anyone against the wall needs to be removed from office at our earliest opportunity! Politicians need to stop talking and start doing - the talking is driving us nuts!

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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