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Hate speech

June 21, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The news media and some of the readers of The Breeze are enjoying their opportunity to pile on the immigrant children issue. They are using the word Nazi just as DeNiro used the F word, out of hate rather than purpose. Comparing this temporary separation caused by the illegal activities of the parents is hardly comparable to the Nazis killing 6 million Jews.

The issue deserves some changes, mostly in the law but the hate speech will continue. Anything to denigrate the president!

Note the law is being followed by confining the parents and finding places for the children. This event is fostered by smugglers making about $6,000 per immigrant and the illegal actions of parents who are trying to take advantage of our archaic laws. Obama liked to rewrite laws and the constitution with his "pen." Obama believed that he could reshape America into his idea of what this country should be.

Ironically, under Obama, parents were also separated from their children for illegal entry but of course the news media gave him a pass on that just as they did on every other leadership failure. The news media has lost its way as the very important Fourth Estate of our country. They have decided to take sides.

On June 19 the Washington post had eight negative articles on Trump. Not one positive and there are many of them. The Post only has one article on the hearing where Strzok's name came up. He was a key figure in allowing Hillary to be free from any investigation and the possible illegalities for proceeding with the Trump special counsel investigation. Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz testified on Capitol Hill that he found the conduct "deeply troubling and antithetical to the core values of the FBI and the Justice Department." To many his conduct was illegal and may be investigated.

The bias of the media (truly deserving the term "fake news"), and the hate that is going around on the left tears down our country! We can argue and disagree til' the cows come home but it should be done with our goal being a better America rather than letting hate drive us to the point of hoping that our president fails regardless of what happens to the country.

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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