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Some perspective

June 15, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It is fascinating how the news media can grab the emotions of people with a single political story. These stories cause some people to become almost hysterical using comparisons to the SS. They call this our darkest hour and use Bible passages to condemn the target of their condemnation. I thought our darkest hour might have been Pearl Harbor, 911 or the beginning of the Civil War.

To put the immigrant story into perspective, something less than 1000 small children have been involved in what is a smugglers racket to bring families into this country for money. Under Obama, the family could be caught, released for a trial date long into the future, turned loose and never seen again.

The law dictates what has happened in these situations. Parents have to be confined but children cannot be. Those who are upset about this apparently want to ignore the law as was done so often in the past. If you want this to change, contact your congressman to change the law.

We don't know how many children are involved. Some of them are late teenagers; maybe some belong to MS-13. Many may be separated only for a few months yet this is likened to the SS who killed over 6 million Jews. Can you possibly see the difference?

I have not seen an emotional letter on such items as Chicago's murder rate of two a day, mostly young people killing young people even though they have severe gun laws. Can you see the difference?

I have not seen emotional letters regarding opioids, which are killing about 40,000 people per year. Can you see the difference?

I did not even see emotional letters when ISIS was allowed to take over much of Iraq and was killing men women and children in the tens of thousands. These items were all under Obama's watch. Nor did anyone attack his character by saying he was void of any human decency.

Overreach is a common problem in our public discourse today and these comparisons are up there at the top for overreach high marks.

No government is perfect and everyone finds it difficult to make America perfect but one should strive to put things in perspective, at least a little bit.

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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