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A modest proposal

June 1, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The suggestions below are designed to cause extreme levels of trepidation and fear among our population of off-the-tracks gunnies. It is hoped that they find them highly objectionable and shocking - in other words, common-sensical and highly desirable to the rest of us!!! In further words, these suggestions are intended to deeply shock the gunnies out of their prevailing childish hyper-immaturity and into, for once, being responsible, dutiful citizens.

Put yet another way, we need our gun owners to "man-up" now to their clearly implied and rational responsibilities and obligations to the rest of society!

The following is suggested as a relatively easy and effective start toward that absolutely essential goal:

#1. Gun owners shall collectively bear the full cost of strong gun security as invoked at all venues - retail stores, hospitals, office buildings, theaters, stadiums, schools, air, ground and water transport terminals - city, county, state and national. . "Strong" equals whatever it ultimately proves to require.

#2. Gun owners shall collectively be responsible in all lawsuits filed for wrongful death involving firearms in any U S jurisdiction.

#3. Gun owners who allow their firearms to be used by others for any reason - with or without permission, including theft by force or stealth - shall be prosecuted and tried for felony negligence.

In egregious instances, such as the recent Santa Fe School Shooting, the gun owner shall receive the same penalty as the Perpetrator.

#4. Gun owners who fail to proactively participate in any of the above shall be incarcerated for a period of not less than five years per violation per weapon, with all of their weapons impounded and then destroyed.

Readers should not bother to dust off the tired, old "Automobiles vs Guns" comparison. . It is simply not at all valid.

Automobiles are intended to provide a means of transportation whereas guns are intended to provide an efficient means to kill at will.

Allen N. Wollscheidt

Cape Coral



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