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Stand for the national anthem

June 1, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Outrageous, sickening, and absolutely disgusting - not standing for the national anthem is beyond the behavior expected from any sane American!

Let's be clear: Football players are not excused from conducting themselves in a way that honors and respects America. Fans pay sizable amounts of money to see a football game. Players are paid enormous amounts of money to perform and play the game. Disrespecting the anthem and the flag has no place on the football field! Demonstrations by these misguided individuals have a place in this nation because that's the American way. Sure, every American has the right to express his or her feelings -but certainly not in this forum.

Players are employees, and should be subjected to the rules set forth by the team management. Owners need to stop coddling, pampering, and bowing to the disrespect of America and need to tell players to stop the nonsense and concentrate on the football game.

If they want to take a knee it's appropriate in church.

If they want to demonstrate what may be an injustice,march in the street.

And if they're not happy with America, the greatest nation on earth, then pack up and move.

Good people have sacrificed life and limb to make America what it is. The national anthem commemorates these sacrifices and must be respected! There's no excuse for disrespecting the flag or for team owners to encourage this kind of rotten behavior! Players that insist on insulting America should be benched and fired.

Owners that continue to neglect respecting America should be ashamed of their lack of not having the guts to do the right thing and fined an amount that makes them stand up and take notice. The fine should be donated to wounded warrior services.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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