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Cost of programs for the public good are intended to be shared by all

May 25, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

My letter is in response to Mr. Roger Johnson's letter published May 18. His letter related to the proposed school district tax increase and who should be required to pay of it.

The position stated was that only people who have children in the school system should be liable for the cost of public schools. Now, the letter writer did not state that he had never had school-age children so I have no way of knowing whether he thought people should pay for schools until their children graduated or continue paying forever because they had once used the public school system.

Here is what I do not get about such ideas. I have never had to call the fire department, thank heaven. Does that mean I should not have to pay the tax allocated to fire protection? Should just the people who find themselves standing in front of the smoldering ruins of their family home be handed a bill for fire protection?

I have never called a police officer but I do not believe that someone who has just reported a home break-in and who has lost most of their valuable possessions will now receive a bill from the officer that took down their statement.

Should those living in rural Pine Island pay much more for mosquito control than someone in a condo on the 15th-floor high-rise in downtown Fort Myers?

My point, and I could go on and on with examples, is that such beliefs simply are unworkable and unreasonable. We have all chosen to live in close proximity to one another. What's more is we chose to have a governmental structure specifically to create things like schools and firehouses and highways. These things, created for the collective good should and are funded by the collective population.

As I said, I do not know if the writer ever had children but if he did, he was likely grateful that the retirees in his neighborhood were willing to continue to pay for public schools.

If anyone is looking for a cause where we are paying for everyone else, they can look at the U.S. defense department. America's defense budget is larger than the next 28 countries combined. Again, "MORE THAN THE NEXT 28 COUNTRIES COMBINED!" And 26 of those are our allies and most are members of NATO. Do you want to promote a cause where others pay their share? "Defense."

I guarantee you, accomplish that and we will have no problem providing free education including college, universal healthcare, a modern highway system and, for those retired with no children in school, drastically higher Social Security payments.

And Mr. Johnson, by making use of the "Letter to the Editor", which most readers do not do, you will be receiving a bill.

Tom Brown




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