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Some rebuttal

May 18, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Letter writer George Rosinger stated this question to the Republicans: Why are they loyal to Trump? I question, who else is there to have loyalty to?

We just got rid of the worst president this once-great country has ever had!!! What did Obama do in his eight years? He did nothing, but be the worst and biggest racist we have ever had.

Then the Democrats, I guess, think we should have elected Clinton. That is another big joke. The Clintons belong in the same garbage can with the Obamas.

Do you honestly believe if Hillary would have got in, things would be better? Give me a break!! The narrative sounds like that of the so-called senator from California, A. Schiff.

The Mueller so-called investigation is a waste of time and money and is a sick joke. The Democrats are going after anything they can and figure if they throw enough some will stick on the wall so they can impeach the voted-in president of the U.S.A.

"Hero" Maxine Waters another joke. I do not agree with some things the president has done,but on the other hand it did not affect me. What he did before he was elected the president is up to him and his beautiful wife - so it really isn't any of mine or your business. And comparing Trump to Willy Clinton who, of course, never did anything wrong while IN office and was just a real good president just smells bad.

Lewis Robinson's letter stated the N.R.A. is the sole supporter of gun violence. What a stupid remark- they do not promote any gun violence nor does any gun maker. Where does the info on who contributes money to them come from?

It's also stated that there should be a change to the Second Amendment. The amendments have not changed and, if I had more room, I would quote the First and Second so maybe they could be better understood.

Change your brand of comic books -the N.R.A. promotes gun safety first and is a protector of the Second Amendment.

They also have a fine magazine every month where you can learn about guns and safety.

Richard Wallace

Cape Cora



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