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Laboratory Theater of Florida to hold open auditions

May 16, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

The Laboratory Theater of Florida will be holding open auditions for its 2018-2019 10th anniversary season on Sunday, May 27.

Actors will be seen on a first-come, first-seen basis. They should bring a resume with them and will be required to fill out an audition form. Actors should prepare a 1-2 minute comedic or dramatic monologue. Actors who are unable to attend auditions may send in a video audition to or may send materials to:

The Laboratory Theater of Florida

Attn: casting

PO Box 334

Fort Myers, FL 33902

Call-backs will be held in the first two weeks of June and will be by invitation only. Performers will receive stipends.

11 a.m. to noon

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

In addition to the monologue, actors should bring a backup CD to accompany them for their audition songs.

* Hedwig, male 25-55: East German rock singer and front woman of The Angry Inch; formerly Hansel, a slip of a girly boy who grew up in communist East Berlin, fell in love with an American GI; became Hedwig and underwent a botched sex change operation in order to marry and move to the states; glamorous, charismatic and always commanding even when at her most bitchy or vulnerable; has had high highs and low lows; very strong rock tenor (high to B4); must have a convincing East German accent; actor must be able to dexterously shift from persona to persona (Hedwig's mother, husband, rock icon ex-lover, Tommy Gnosis); actor should have terrific physical stamina.

* Yitzhak, female 20-45: Hedwig's Croatian male husband and roadie/back-up singer; he is Hedwig's vocal sparring partner; theirs is an emotional and at times abusive relationship; the actress playing Yitzhak should be believable as a butch male but one that chafes at the bonds of traditional masculinity and longs to explore his feminine, creative side; very strong singer with rock and roll vibe; wide vocal range a must (High belt to a G); must have a convincing Balkan accent; actress should be able play basic percussion instruments - tambourine; maracas.

1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Anna in the Tropics

(Spanish language a plus)

* Santiago, late 50s. Santiago is the main character and protagonist of the play, owning a cigar factory in Cuba's Ybor City. His wife is Ofelia, and she despises his gambling habits that are mentioned throughout the play. Santiago is a proud man, but doesn't realize how sickly he really is by drinking so much alcohol and gambling incessantly.

* Cheche, Santiago's half brother, early 40s. Half Cuban, half American.

* Ofelia, 50s, is the powerful wife of Santiago, and despises all of the problems that he lets himself have. She is the mother of two children by Santiago. She enjoys it when her husband isn't drunk, but these days, that is a very rare occasion.

* Marela, 22, Ofelia and Santiago's daughter.

* Conchita, 32, Ofelia and Santiago's daughter, the antagonist of the play. She is married to Palomo, but she doesn't really spend much time with him. The tension in the marriage leads to her leaving Palomo for someone else, Juan Julian, and they have a love affair. Conchita is an independent sort of woman.

* Palomo, 41, her husband.

* Juan Julian, 38, is a young writer that is often noted to possess great ability with language. He is Santiago and Ofelia's new lector, who comes aboard a boat to Ybor City. When he arrives, all of the women on the dock note how attractive he is, and is already admired by many in town, included Conchita.

* Eliades, 40s, leads the local cockfighting ring.

Hand to God

* Jason - A teenage boy with a sad past, and a knack for puppetry, who is "in possession" of a hand puppet that has taken on an evil mind of his own. Actor must be between the ages of 21 and 30 but be able to play 15-17. Must know, or be willing to learn, ventriloquism.

* Margery - Jason's Mom. A fiercely Christian woman with a sad past and a knack for nothing really special. She runs a puppetry group in her church basement. Seeking an actress between 30 & 45. No need for puppetry skills- she is really very bad at puppetry. Must know, or be willing to learn, stage combat.

* Pastor Greg - He's really not much to brag about- a small, boring man. He is the church pastor who desperately longs for connection. Seeking an actor between 35 & 50. No puppet skills needed.

* Timmy - The Bully. He is a dim, homophobic, jerk-face with raging hormones, from a broken home . Large and intimidating. Seeking an actor between the ages of 21 and 30 but must be able to play 15-17. Must know, or be willing to learn stage combat. No puppet skills needed.

* Jessica - The love interest. She is a sweet girl with a quick wit, a past full of rumors, and a knack for puppetry. Actress must be between the ages of 21 and 30 but be able to play 15-17. Must know, or be willing to learn, ventriloquism.

Every Christmas Story Ever Told (and then some)

Three actors, 18 and over, should be versatile as they will be required to play many characters, strong improv, character work & singing a plus, enthusiasm and willingness to play an absolute must.

And the Winner Is...

* Seamus, 50s+ (A mysterious Irishman)

* Tyler Johnes, 35-45 (extremely ambitious and self-absorbed actor)

* Sheri, 30s to 40s (Tyler's estranged wife)

* Kyle, 30s to 40s (another actor, equally stuck on himself)

* Serenity, 20s (Sexy, in an innocent way)

* Teddy, any age (A slick, fast-talking Hollywood agent)

* Andorra (4-5 women, 7-8 men): This play, set in a semi-abstract world peopled by mainly anonymous characters, is one of the most powerful dramatic statements of the effect of stereotyping on individuals, felt particularly acutely in 1945, as the horrific consequences of the Nazis' branding of Jews as 'subhuman' came to light. The specious arguments used to justify the Andorrans' behaviour, while applying especially to Switzerland's refusal to get involved, are of universal relevance.

* Andri, 20, a student

* Barblin, 18, a student

* The Teacher, Barblin's father and foster parent to Andri

* The Landlord

* The Carpenter

* The Doctor

* The Soldier

* The Somebody

* The Apprentice

* The Lady Visitor



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