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Everyone needs to do their part to keep Cape Coral clean

May 4, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Sad! Sad! Sad! On Thursday, April 26, "NBC 2 News at 6" did a story on the litter that is not being picked up by people and companies that signed up for Cape Coral's "Adopt-a-Road" program. They showed litter everywhere. What a sad story about Cape Coral, but it is sadly true!

They reported that many of the people that have signed up for the program have abandoned their responsibility and the litter clean-up goes back to the city. We all know that the amount of roads and vacant lots to keep litter free is mind numbing. So how can we help solve this litter problem?

"Waste Pro" must be required to do a better job of picking up the trash! "Junk" seems to sit at the curb for a month before it is picked up.

Every business needs to take responsibility to clean up their area, parking lots and area on the street. Grass cutters need to pick up the litter, not cut and blow it all over. You - yes, you - can do your part and take a few minutes to pick up litter.

The real problem is where does all the litter come from? How do we get to stop people from littering? Cape Coral has a $100 littering fine, but instead of enforcing this let's all try to keep "Cape Coral Clean." Let's try to be a "NBC 2 News" story about how litter free Cape Coral has become.

The litter-lap lady.

Karen Koehn

Cape Coral



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