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Say no to NRA-supported politicians

April 19, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Howard Nielsen and anyone associated with the NRA, especially given what has happened in our state over the past several years, should be denied a lifetime federal judgeship.

And anyone who votes for this person to be a federal judge can kiss their seat in the Senate goodbye.

Remember, most of the seniors from Parkland Florida will be able to vote in 2018, And if there is a seat not up for reelection until later, I assure you that that seat will be lost if you continue to support the NRA.

The Parkland students and the American people are not trying to take away guns. We are trying to have commonsense laws without loopholes.

Everyone should have a background check with no exceptions, no assault weapons should be legal, bump stocks should be outlawed, as should high velocity weapons and high bullet magazines. These are just common sense gun laws that everyone should be for.

No one is trying to take away a handgun or a rifle that is used for hunting or self defense. Assault weapons are weapons of war and no civilian should own one or be able to get his or her hands on one. Let's save our children while still having a Second Amendment freedom that protects our kids.

Sallie Troutman

Cape Coral



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