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NRA: For safe gun use and the Second Amendment

April 12, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Charles Hampton wrote a letter to The Breeze for the April 6 opinion page. He made a lot of statements that I question.

First, the writer states he is a Republican, which I find hard to believe. The letter states he is a long-time hunter and gun owner. I have a hard time believing that, too. Third, he was a member of the NRA. If the writer was ever a member of the NRA he should know what the NRA was and what it stood for.

The main purpose of the NRA is to promote safe gun use and protection of the Second Amendment so gun owners will have an organization working for them.

The writer states we give birds and animals more protection than children.

First off, the protection of the children is of top importance but the FBI screwed up big time and gave gun stores the OK to sell misfits guns that, by law, they should not have been able to purchase. The misfit in Parkland should have not been able to buy a sling shot, but it seems there were several missteps by the FBI.

The local sheriff had like 39 calls about Nikolas Jacob Cruz and nothing was done. Then the deputies would not go into the school when they would have had the opportunity to kill the garbage before he could keep on killing.

When you have places like schools and then make them a gun free zone, this is the same as telling these misfits it is a place I can get into and kill a whole lot of innocent people before anybody with a gun can get in to take me out.

If a store or business has a gun free zone sign then I just go to a different place to do business. Why not hang a sign that no guns are allowed in this store!! There isn't anybody that can shoot back!!

The letter writer then asks an off-the- wall question: When is the last time you heard of a massacre of game animals or birds? What do you want, like Buffalo Bill and his people shooting thousands of buffalo to feed the railway workers and for the fun of it?

The letter states the government controls guns used for hunting and shooting in populated areas. Since when do you shoot a rifle or a shotgun in a populated area?? The letter states a great number of states have restrictions on the number of bullets allowed in a magazine. Where was that information picked up from?? California and a couple of other states have passed this, but they are also having lawsuits against their stupid laws.

I was in the army in the military police and overseas. I had a 30 cal carbine with (heaven forbid) a 30 round banana magazine and a 1911 .45 cal pistol. I also fired every weapon made available to me including .30 cal and .50 cal full auto machine guns.

It doesn't matter if a person has two 20- round magazines or four 10-round magazines. It takes a couple seconds to drop the empty and slap a full one back in. The rage over magazine size or capacity is something brought up by the Democrats.

The letter also states there are too many guns. What is too many?? Who has too many??

Back to the NRA.

The letter blames the NRA -that it is not telling the truth about noise suppressors. It has been documented that the so-called silencers only lower the noise level to a level to help prevent hearing loss.

It also states the NRA is lying when they state that gun ownership is saving lives. The letter claims that is not true; it is the medical people that are doing that.

Obama was the best gun salesman this country has ever had. He scared people so bad about gun ownership people, both Republican and Democrat, were buying guns.

When President Trump took office, gun sales dropped off as people were not scared that he would push for changes to the Second Amendment.

I am glad some people aren't members of the NRA. They can't handle the truth and what it stands for.

Richard Wallace

Cape Coral



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