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Please, keep the Cape clean

March 29, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Just the other day I realized that I grew up when you actually swept the sidewalk and street in front of your home or place of business.

What a crazy thing, a broom and a shovel did the job. I have noticed that the streets of Cape Coral are not being cleaned by the city or shop owners, and it really starts with us. Why throw the trash on the grass or street, it only takes a second to deposit it properly.

I saw just one day the bus stop in front of SunTrust on Cape Coral Parkway loaded with cans, bottles, paper. Another was what my husband and I call melanoma beach (you remember Four Freedom Park was going to reduce the crowding at the Yacht Club - built it - spent money and you can't swim there, "Sun Beach) is covered with butts and dog doo! Walking on 47 Terrace past bars, clubs and a church, there is a shocking amount of trash on the sidewalk and curbs. This debris finds its way into our water.

Maybe garbage cans can be placed in certain areas or signs asking our citizens not to litter. This could possibly remedy what I see as a growing concern, and you don't need to spend money on an outside consultant to take a survey.

I see this city being known as Drunk City and possibly Dump City.

I don't want to see Cape Coral deteriorate. I want to be proud. Please help.


Bridget Balletto

Cape Coral



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