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Cape Coral not designed for anything goes parking regulations

March 29, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In regards to changing the regulations to allow home owners to park RVs, boats, trailers, commercial vehicles in their driveways and/or front yards.

When we chose to purchase a home in Cape Coral, one of the reasons we did so was because city code did not allow homeowners to park RVs, boats, commercial vehicles in their front yards or driveways. In addition, we took into consideration the cost to store a boat, and opted to pay a higher purchase price for a home that was on a canal to store a boat. All current Cape Coral home owners also knew of this regulation when they decided on what property to purchase.

If there is such a high demand of buyers who want to have a residence that allows parking of RVs, boats, and commercial vehicles in their front yards or driveways, the best solution would be to develop a neighborhood community that could accommodate the parking of these vehicles per the homeowners' needs.

I do not wish to drive down my street or look out my front window and see RVs, boats and commercial vehicles, larger than the homes, disrupting the view, and lowering both the curb appeal,and property values. Currently we have abandoned cars/boats in side yards that code compliance has been unable to do any enforcement to have the homeowner remove.

Cape Coral City Council, do you want to look out your front window every day and not see your neighbor's home and landscaping but a parking lot of cars, RVs, trailers and boats?

Did you consider that the original Cape Coral neighborhood was not designed to store large vehicles in the front; 50 percent of the homes are less than 1500 square, feet, have a one-car garage and single driveway? If a 30- plus foot boat or RV is parked in the drive where will the resident park their cars? In the street, that currently has no sidewalks, or possibly block the bicycle lanes.

In addition, you are putting the safety of bicyclists, walkers and children going to the school bus at risk as they must maneuver around these obstacles in the road in areas with known poor lighting.

Florida, including Cape Coral, already has a high incidence of hit and runs involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

I really believe more consideration needs to be taken of everyone's safety before taking any action to relax this regulation.

Deb Huffman

Cape Coral



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