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Stop crying and get over election loss

March 23, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Letter writer Jim Healy is back with some of his cute comments about President Donald Trump.

His letter states President Trump lies every day about anything he says. It uses words like "carpet bagger," bum," and other things. Today, there was one thing I just have to agree with Mr. Healy about and he stated it 17 times "Vote Republican!!!"

Now I have to say I could not have said those two words better than he did.

Too many are still crying over loser Clinton who I shudder, and many others feel the same, at the thought of her as president.

The letter also states all kinds of things about the president - criminal activity that goes on in the White House every day, that President Trump has undying love for Russians and V. Putin, a really a stupid statement.

Where do you get your info?

If the Democrats would do what they were elected to do maybe Washington would work better. Even with the majority in both houses being Republican, you have a bunch of garbage like Schumer,Waters, Durbin, Schiff, N. Polosi, Feinstein, Cummins, Kennedy and Boxer. The list goes on ,but here are some Democrats, people liberals can really be proud of. They fight President Trump every chance there is so they do not do what they were elected to do.

Time is overdue to clean the swamp and make the U.S. great again.

Richard Wallace

Cape Coral



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