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A call to regulate computers

March 23, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It is time that we recognized that the unfettered and unrestricted existence of the computer must be halted.

Computers cause untold human misery and lawless violence. Computers steal identities and create human financial tragedy in every state.

Terrorist computers, foreign and domestic, plan and communicate in the anonymous world of digital transmission. Children are bullied by the unregulated criminal computers. Self-generated child pornography is spawned and grown by the criminal computer.

Every day, multitudes of lies and misinformation are created by assault computers, which can fire-off more than 10 lies by a single key stroke and the lies are absorbed by other innocent computers. Innocent defenseless computers are mass corrupted by the availability of the "assault" computer.

There must be national action to restrict the availability of computers.

Some states are so callous and irresponsible that by allowing unregulated trading and purchasing at "computer shows," they support computer violence, computer fraud, and computer crimes of moral turpitude in neighboring states.

The simple mandatory requirement of a national check on the history of an individual computer will sharply reduce crimes committed by computers.

Limiting a computer to a capacity of 10 programs is a good beginning. If a computer has a legitimate constitutional right to operate, why would any computer need more than ten programs?

Owning more than one computer for use at home and work is an unnecessary risk.

The claim that high computing power is necessary to individual computer freedom under the First Amendment is ludicrous. Such computing power must be reserved to governments so that the lawless computer may be combated.

There is a pressing need to register all computers with more than 32 Mega Bytes of storage, especially, the potential "assault" computer of many more Mega Bytes. Foreign importation of computers with greater than 16 Mega Bytes must be banned.

We must demand that Congress act to curtail operation of the criminally active computer and place strong and effective tools in the hands of the Executive Branch to combat the potential mortal danger represented by the infectious criminal domestic terrorist computer.

Legislation should be immediate and only second in priority to the similarly current efforts to restrict Second Amendment rights.

Without action, we risk that the evils of the unregulated and street corner available computer will join the criminal gun which, acting on its own without human operation, is already destroying our nation.

When the criminal computer and the criminal gun are viewed with the addition of the unregulated and insidious presence of Di-hydrogen Monoxide, they form the new axis of Domestic Evil!

James W. Powers

Cape Coral



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