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Extended bar hours: Council should have heeded police presentation

March 23, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

At Monday night's Council Meeting there was the discussion of extending bar hours in the CRA.

The Chief of the Police David Newlan gave an extensive presentation on the effects that the extended bar hours would have and the cost to the City (taxpayer) with proofs.

I made a presentation showing all the skid marks on the roads, alleys and driveways in and around different bars with lots of rubber left there.

I also asked those that had accepted campaign donations from bar owners, their LLC's and Corps to recuse themselves from voting as it might be considered a conflict. I reminded them that they work for the residents (taxpayers) and not the bars or their owners! They all declined to recuse themselves.

Many in attendance spoke against extending the bar hours, for various reasons.

Councilman Carioscia attempted to contradict the facts that the Chief presented.

Unfortunately for Councilman Carioscia, the Chief was able to refute everything the councilman stated.

It was also stated by those on the dais that they received way more emails against the extended bar hours than those in favor of it.

Then we had BJM aka Joe Mazurkiewicz doing the same thing as Carioscia, basically trashing everything the Chief had stated. Joe Mazurkiewicz was a consultant of sorts to those that wanted the extended hours.

Then we had Councilwoman Stout saying she would not vote for the Ordinance as taxpayer money should not be used for it! She was adamant in her opinion. She also stated that she did not want to upset Councilman Carioscia!

What a folly this Council Meeting was! They were given clear unadulterated facts in order to base their opinion and vote.

What does Mayor Coviello and Council members Carioscia, Williams, Gunter, Nelson, Cosden and Stout do? They vote to extend the bar hours in spite of the preponderance of evidence against doing it!

The only Council person to vote no was Councilman Stokes!

Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral



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