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Daylight savings time legislationwill do more harm than good

March 16, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It's difficult to understand the Florida legislature's decision to enforce year-round Daylight Savings Time on its citizens. This entire matter reeks of favoritism to commerce while ignoring the potential inconvenience to the disruption of everyday life we will all experience.

I was struck by Sen. Steube's reasoning; to wit: we don't like to keep changing!! He should live up north where the changing orientation to the sun from summer to winter is a necessity for clothing, car care, vacation schedules, and a variety of adjustments that normality requires.

The list of consequences is long: our kids will have to deal with the inherent safety issues imposed by morning darkness in getting to school; parents will have to adjust their schedules to accommodate those safety concerns; TV schedules will be affected (evening news at 7 p.m.??); Monday/Thursday football past midnight??; golfers/joggers/tennis players/outdoor swimmers/etc. have to wait another hour to begin activities???; bicyclists (and the drivers they share the road with) exposed to the dangers of more darkness in a.m. hours???; more electricity consumed during morning hours; constant confusion in figuring travel schedules between and even within the Eastern time zones; and so forth.

All because just one, single state in the East wants to give tourists and those that supply tourist services another daytime hour to do what? Get to dinner-have an additional cocktail-shop at the boutique -?

This all seems so unnecessary and ill-advised. I hope Gov. Scott uses his best judgment and vetoes this misguided legislation. Or, failing that, the U.S. Congress denies the authorization. Perhaps, if common sense does not prevail, the Florida procedure for making constitutional changes, i.e., by referendum, will save us. That may be necessary because, in this case, the legislature seems out of touch.

Ed Lombard

Fort Myers Beach



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