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Unintended consequences

March 16, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The usual objections to extended bar hours are still valid in spite of some of the "facts" presented in a full page ad in the March 9 Breeze. Crime will rise, more first responders will be needed to attend to the increased calls and security, property taxes will rise to meet the demand for additional payroll, and our streets will be less safe. Common sense may not be backed by facts - but facts can be manipulated to support any premise.

I found it interesting that one of the "facts" cited in the ad was that "businesses pay a lot in taxes." Whoa, wait just a minute - the customers of a business pay the taxes - they are imbedded in the cost of the product or service.

But one of the biggest misrepresentations of "fact" was the citing of the statistics of the South Cape Business Survey. There was no survey done for the rest of Cape Coral or for that matter, the city across the bridge. The "Hospitality Zone" is expecting to attract customers from surrounding areas. So how will revenues be affected for the businesses NOT IN THE HOSPITALITY ZONE? Common sense might cause one to come up with the following scenario:

1)Those businesses not in the "zone" will lose customers to those businesses in the "zone." People will leave their favorite bars and eateries to start their evening in the "zone."

2) Those businesses not in the "zone" will put pressure on the council to make the 3 or 4 a.m. ordinance city-wide. Fort Myers city council will probably retaliate as well.

3) Now you are looking at an explosion in all of the things we don't want - higher crime, higher taxes, higher risk for first responders, less safe streets.

4)The unintended consequences of acting on "facts" which were provided by those with a vested interest - Cape Coral will become another "Miami Vice"!

To quote the ad, "What's so special about serving after 2 a.m.? Nothing really." So why do it?

The Sheriff's Office routinely rewards students who "Do the Right Thing.". This council needs to "Do the Right Thing" as well and vote down Ordinance 21-18 -they may very well be rewarded for their public service by being re-elected.

Bonnie Zink

Cape Coral



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