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School safety first, please

March 9, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

There are some terrible ideas about education coming to Gov. Scott's desk. They are all mashed up in bills that also have some good ideas in them. This creates a dilemma when trying to communicate to our legislators which bills we support and which bills we oppose. So, instead, I am going to list what ideas I hope he will veto and send back to the legislature to work out something better.

Please VETO the voucher program for kids who claim they are bullied. Changing schools will not necessarily help and that $41 million is sorely needed in the public schools. Spend it on both the bullies and the bullied. They all need help.

Please VETO banning "free-speech zones" on college campuses and allowing Florida state universities and colleges to be sued if students or others "materially" disrupt campus speakers. At the very least, we don't need the legal expenses.

Finally, please VETO arming school personnel, no matter how stringent the training. The money is better spent on security measures like fences, metal detectors, and professional security officers.

Gov. Scott's careful consideration of the legislation headed for his desk will be greatly appreciated. And, please, give the citizens of Florida priority over special interest groups and private profits. Thank you.

Gloria E. Garber




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