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Lip service

March 2, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It's not fake news: The Republican Party has consistently worked to stop any change to the Second Amendment. The reason is simple, they have given all their powers of control to the NRA, in exchange for campaign donations. How many more people will have to die to support the GOP? The Republican answer to the latest mass killing is to modify existing laws, so people under 21 can't purchase the so-called war weapons. We will deny an adult of 18 the right to buy a gun or drink beer, but as a society, we train them to kill or die for the country that discriminates against them. These young adults deserve the right to abide by the same laws as any other citizen.

As for Trump, his answer to gun violence is to arm teachers, bringing more guns into play. Instead of asking our educators to accept the responsibility of protecting our children, shouldn't our politicians use some common sense on gun control? These ploys amount to no more than lip service to appease the masses while maintaining their A+ rating with the NRA.

Take your pick of any Republican Townhall meeting - the only consistent theme is to try and avert any responsibility from the GOP or the NRA. Among facts to disregard: President Trump signed a measure into law rescinding an Obama-era rule blocking gun sales to certain mentally ill people. The GOP majority Senate passed this by a 57-43 vote. The only Republican answer is to ignore the problem and hope it will go away.

Being a registered Republican, I am having a hard time dealing with the level this party has sunk to. I never thought the day would come when talk of treason in the Oval Office would be ignored instead of investigated. Republicans were once known for integrity, no one questioned our moral values. If our local, state and national representative do not change their ways and instead continue to enable the total incompetence now controlling the party, it's inevitable that Republicans will pay the price in the midterm elections.

Richard Klenovich

Fort Myers



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