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Left ignores past transgressions

January 26, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Interesting letter accusing Trump of being racist, using sexual harassment, and unethical business conduct! The writer also accused Trump of misconduct. Of course she did not detail any examples. The left often makes accusations out of thin air while ignoring gross misbehavior by Obama and Hillary.

Of course racism to a Democrat is a fallback position when all else fails. If you can't swim grab a lifeline. The Democrat's lifeline is the accusation of racism. It is inevitably used when other arguments fail. Obama majored in racism and the relationship between the races went downhill. Murders in Democratic governed cities have increased while under a black president aided by BLM. Those who see racism in every event are racists by definition.

Sexual harassment (to the point of being criminal) is best exemplified by Bill Clinton. Nobody will ever outdo Bill. Hillary supported his sexual aggressiveness and defended him every step of the way. We are talking about sexual activities so common and frequent that he lost a lawsuit and his law license.

Business conduct is best compared to Hillary and Bill with the Clinton Foundation. Can you imagine they left the presidency broke and now have a net worth around $150 million. During that time, Hillary was working for the government and Bill was unemployed. What kind of business conduct did that take? How about netting millions of dollars to help walk the sale of 20 percent of our uranium to Russia through our political system? How would you describe using a charitable organization to get rich?

Egregious misconduct! The writer must be listening to Morning Joe. I have never turned to his show when he wasn't beating up on Trump with the most unverified, speculative accusations anyone could invent. The man is obsessive. It would help to describe what the writer means by egregious misconduct.

And what about a commander in chief who steps aside to open up Iraq for the most horrific terrorist ISIS and then does nothing, calling ISIS the JV team? He helps unseat Qaddafi, opening up another territory for ISIS and sends no help to our embassy as it is attacked. He does nothing as Russia takes over Crimea and invades Ukraine. His only weapon against North Korea's eight years of developing atomic bombs and missiles are his innocuous speeches. Then there is the red line he draws in Syria using invisible ink.

Finally he cuts back on defense funds disarming America making us more vulnerable than any time since Carter. I wonder if Captain Mack was happy with Obama, a fake commander in chief.

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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