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Lee County roller coaster ride

January 26, 2018
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Lee County School Board and County Commissioners shows us how the roller coaster ride goes up and down with their proposal to add a sales tax that will do away with that pesky problem of charging impact fees that folks would normally pay for providing schools for their children .

The school impact fees have been cut down to 45 percent by the Lee County Commissioners because they believe that the schools have enough funds for new schools.

So we're on this roller coaster and it's taking all of us all up to the top by the County Commissioners.Here comes the school board saying that they don't have the money to build schools and they don't have the money so they want a sales tax to pay for new schools. Hang on tight because we're going down that big hill we just climbed in our coaster.

Ahh, you say it's wonderful to pay for schools out of a sales tax. But as you bottom out on that first dip you realize that if you're paying for schools out of a sales tax there is no longer a need for any impact fees. All at once our coaster leaves the bottom dip headed for the high hill again with our County Commissioners, who now have a new impact study for Lee County schools saying they don't need any impact fees because the sales tax is paying for them.

Ahh, you say riding this roller coaster is so much fun as you reach the top and are now racing to the bottom knowing that the school board has everything under control, with no more fights with the county over who should pay for schools?

And of course when you hit the next bottom and race toward the top, the County Commissioners will be there and more than happy to extend the Lee County Schools sales tax indefinitely.

Now we're on the last big dip of our ride where the School Board will be forever happy with the millions of dollars they have collected for schools .

Enjoy your roller coaster ride, folks, if you vote for the sales tax for the schools.

Leo Amos




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