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Stirring up worry over DEP, Lake O

September 2, 2016
By Capt. GEORGE TUNISON ( , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

These days it's getting tougher for Floridians concerned with the environment, outdoor water sports, hunting, and shooting to not be worried.

Environmental poisoning of a state and economy whose life blood is its water and beaches, political hacks doing nothing for decades, gridlock and greed the order of the day.

The same politicians, lawyers, bureaucrats, often backed by commercial interest money, are making huge areas off limits to recreational fishing, such as the proposed ban on fishing in 1/3 of Miami's Biscayne National Park reefs. No convincing science was ever produced to justify the closure or more closures known to be on the drawing boards.

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Capt. George Tunison

More and more the anti-recreational angling movement led by commercial and politically liberal interests seeks to limit the public's access to its waters.

An interesting article In Florida Sportsmen Magazine concerning closures and a new U.S. Senate bill 3099 titled, The Access for Sportfishing Act of 2016, urges everyone to take a few minutes to call or e-mail their senator to show support for this important bill which will limit the ability of bureaucrats to lock out huge areas to the angling public.

You can read more about it at Please do so and call.

For hunters, gun owners, collectors, and those looking to protect their families with a firearm this next election is critically important. It's no secret that Hillary Clinton is an outspoken critic of private gun ownership in the United States.

With the power to appoint lifetime Supreme Court Justices who share her dislike for private and legal citizen gun ownership the 2nd Amendment surely will be drastically altered forever.

News stories of mysterious illnesses, flesh eating bacteria, green and brown algae water, and contaminated water, is keeping visitors and customers away.

Friendly tourists called and asked about a shelling trip for four people. They then asked if I thought it was safe for the children to be handling the shells along the beach. Never did I think that I would be saying these words but, I told them I couldn't guarantee it. Trip over.

Others are calling asking is it safe even handling the fish? To eat them?

Yet the Lake O discharges and the lip service continues.

This month we will find out if Florida will approve the Department of Environmental Protection's proposed changes concerning the toxicity of some 50 poisonous chemicals and compounds being monitored and released into our children's environment.

The DEP looks to increase the legal limits of these toxic discharge chemicals, not decrease them.

Between these issues and the rain it's a full plate of worry.

On a brighter note, before the current weather event redfish and snook reports were strong with snook and overslot redfish in the passes. For the beach walking angler snook are still going strong.

Solid redfish reports using cut bait under the brush and areas around Burnt Store Bar, north or south of the marina.

Between rain and lightning events Cape Tool & Tackle advises hitting your local spillways early and late, and at night to take advantage of the largemouth bass bite.

For lures CT&T recommends using plastic worms, lizards, and topwater plugs.

Live shiners are always a great live bait choice, freelined or under a small float. Any tarpon or snook hanging around the overflow will readily eat it.

When it calms down head out to a nearshore reef and drop down a live or dead bait or two, or simply troll some plugs for a chance at a big kingfish, grouper or cobia.

Capt. George Tunison is a Cape Coral resident fishing guide. Contact him at 239-440-1621 or, or



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