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Civility first

April 8, 2016
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

As a business, we are Cape Coral taxpayers by choice.

When we built our new printing plant several years ago, Coral Coral was a first-choice location. And when a suitable site for a highly specialized industrial plant was not readily available, we chose not to move our company headquarters although that might have been a smart business decision from a strictly financial standpoint.

It was the right decision, and we're proud of the fact we've been Cape Coral's homebased, hometown newspaper for more than 50 years.

We're not always so proud, though, of some of the, shall we say, personality nuances within the community we call home.

And we are not alone in saying this: That for far too long, and far too often, differences of opinion and differences in position devolve into less of a discussion of the issues and more of an adversarial battle that demonizes anyone who doesn't hold the same position.

Those of us who wince at the latest contretemps understand that such rhetorical mud bogging is not unique to those who look at it as bloodsport here in the Cape.

Just look at the state of national politics.

But, as the saying goes, all politics are local and it is here that we think our community can - and should - come together to reject the culture of mean that seems to taint, from the top down, too many complicated, multi-faceted issues.

Call it political posturing and one can cite the city/LCEC new franchise agreement vs becoming a municipal electric utility debate: Unfair rates! Uncooperative and secretive!!

Call it public theater and the recent extended bar hours debate drives the point home: Bad big business! "Bought" politicians!!

While we firmly believe it's a minority approach, attacking the "person" rather than tackling the issue, has been a pervasive go-to.

That needs to stop.

As we learned in elementary school - most of us anyway - name calling is always wrong, toss a mudball and it's likely everyone is going to get dirty, and those who yell the loudest usually have little else to offer.

In other words, play nice.

Civility first.

What a concept for the Cape.

It's time for it to happen.

- Breeze editorial



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