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Fast track to November

September 18, 2015
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Cape Coral voters winnowed a 10 candidate ballot down to a final field of six on Tuesday.

Incumbent John Carioscia and Kirk LaGrasta emerged from a group of four to take the top two spots in District 2; Marilyn Stout and Chris Cammarota advanced in District 3; and Jessica Cosden and Timothy Barrier moved forward in District 7.

We congratulate the primary winners and thank all of the candidates who spent the bulk of the summer making the rounds, attending forums and meeting one-on-one with potential voters.

The next few weeks as Election Day approaches will be key.

For the candidates, the next six weeks is the final chance to pound their respective messages home.

For the voters, it's another opportunity to evaluate positions and, most important, political philosophies.

For make no mistake, although Cape Coral municipal elections are "non-partisan," there tends to be a couple of "camps" with which candidates identify and this election is no exception.

However, as with many things, it's a lot more complicated than voting for this political "party line" or that. Especially when the "ideal" candidate is likely the one with the strengths of each: A solid commitment to "spending" for the projects and infrastructure needed in a city that one day will be home to some half million Southwest Floridians while also being a "naysayer" to all the wants vs needs that are sure to be proposed along the way.

Put another way, a Council rubber stamp is a rubber stamp whether the imprint is always a yes or a no - and we, as a community need neither.

With Nov. 3 fast approaching, we urge Cape voters to ask the candidates on each side of any self-defined political line where they stand on the flip side of their comfort zone: If it's time to "get the city moving again," what proffered projects do you oppose? If it's "stop the spending," what costly initiatives do you support?

If it's none and none, voter beware, or at least take care.

That said, the voter-approved ballot has, in fact, some very good candidates.

We urge our community to come out and meet all of them as they make their rounds. Come prepared with a thank you, a smile, and some tough questions.

Meanwhile, campaign and election coverage to date may be found on our website, under News, Election 2015. The Breeze also will pick up with its candidate "question of the week" feature next Friday. We invite you to read.

-Breeze editorial



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