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Gear up for hot weather fishing fun

July 17, 2015
By Capt. GEORGE TUNISON ( , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

I don't care how much or how hi-tech the latest guaranteed to keep the bugs off and the sun away shirt is. I think they are hot as blazes. In my book nothing beats a cotton shirt and a couple of neck towels on ice.

You won't get the sun protection offered by the latest scientific garments so throw on some sunscreen and a big hat and save a bundle.

One thing I do like are sun gloves protecting the backs of your hands and a buff or scarf to protect the face, ears, and nose.

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Capt. George Tunison

Extra-long billed hats are often tough to find, but Bass Pro Shops offers them in their Offshore Angler series of clothing.

Do not skimp on sun glasses. Buy the best you can afford and take care of them. Choose glasses offering side vision sun protection as well.

Since fish have no eyelids or glasses and don't like to get boiled while alive think shade, depth, current, anything to stay cooler in this hot water period.

Deepwater docks near the passes are snook and larger redfish magnets. The passes are fishable night and day and offer a variety of biting fish from tarpon and sharks to grouper, snook, redfish, cobia, snapper and pompano. Consult your charts before heading out if new to the area because a drift through one of them can quickly strand you on a bar.

Miles and miles of open water empties through these passes at high speed when the tide drops out.

Keep your motor running to make corrections as you fish and drift through the pass. If you shut down and can't restart you may wind up on the rocks with a huge tow and fiberglass repair ticket.

After years of trying, broken leaders, sharks, broken hooks, and lots of time and money spent with no tarpon to show for it, Linda Andrews finally got on the board with her first 50+ pound tarpon on a fly in Matlacha Pass. The fish jumped countless times in the shallow water, each jump accompanied by a deafening scream of joy as she bowed to the little king.

I, of course, asked and was given permission to say that Ms. A. is a bit north of 70 and has been fishing since she was a young girl and has fished on every continent on the planet.

One of the real quiet treasures of guiding is meeting such wonderful and interesting people from all walks of life.

From folks that save for years for that Florida dream trip to others that pull into Matlacha Park in a limo fresh from the airport, we all share the same passion for fishing and the outdoors.

With all the heat and humidity run, don't walk, to your parts store and get that water separating filter. Take it home and change it out. Magic Marker the date on the can and change it again in three months. Cheap insurance against water contamination in the motor and big time repair costs.

The heat takes a toll on those batteries as well so get out your turkey baster and a gallon of distilled water and top them off.

Topping off does not mean filling to the top of the hole flush with the top of the battery, that's too full.

I like to fill so the cells are all covered and stop when the distilled water reaches the bottom of the hole, not bringing the water any higher.

Most battery experts tell you to remove the caps during charging. Always charge in a well ventilated place to prevent fire/explosions.

Deep cycle batteries last longest when properly filled and kept on a smart charger 24/7 to maintain their charge. After the initial charge the voltage drops back to trickle charge and costs very little to use constantly.

Batteries are very expensive, often hard to get to and often neglected.

Capt. George Tunison is a Cape Coral resident fishing guide. Contact him at 239-282-9434 or, or



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