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Report card on Obama

May 15, 2015
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Report card on Obama

To the editor:

Well we are into to the home stretch for the Obama residency of the White House. Trying to put a good face on his performance to date is like trying to put a face on an echo. He has failed to lead or show a willingness to have a strong presence in the affairs of the world. Who trusts him? The Europeans? I doubt it. The events in the Ukraine and Obama's lack of a strong presence allowed for Putin to acquire the Crimea. I doubt that any negotiation will produce the Crimea being returned to its proper place within the Ukraine. Obama's lack of putting a determined stop on the advances and threats and actions of Russia in this conflict has given our NATO allies pause on our commitment to the NATO treaty. But this is only one location that has seen the erosion of our influence. Will Obama put into Poland the full missile contingent that was originally offered? I doubt it.

How about the situation in Iran? Obama is trying to play with words calling the contested agreement with that country's nuclear program to be less than a treaty. Really? I doubt it. Recent events have shown that the Saudis have started to distance themselves from this Iranian fiasco.

Our close ally Israel is wondering what happened to their strongest ally. And so am I. Obama has vacillated, and fumbled our interdiction into the civil war in Syria. Clearly, Obama is out of his depth when it comes to international affairs. He has shown that he really has no experience in military matters and this is compounded by his lack of diplomatic acumen.

As for ISIS, Obama has been consistent. He has no idea what do with this terrorist organization, even going so far as to refuse to identify them as the terrorist group that they are.

And now, we have them on our home turf. If the phrase Phineas Priest is unknown to you, a short search with show you that this is the new face of terrorism that we are faced with in this country.

His diplomatic failures will underscore any legacy that follows his departure from the White House. And we, the citizens of this country, will be left to pick up the pieces and mend the diplomatic fences that he stumbled over.

His legacy will show him to be a presidential Kardashian, running from one night show to another.

Perhaps he is working on a comedy routine. If so, the joke is on us.

What grade would you give him?

Joseph L. Kibitlewski, PhD.

Cape Coral



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