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Keep government small and the country will prosper

August 14, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In answer to "Yes the System is rigged and yes we need to tax the rich" July 18, 2014, Lewis Robinson

The answer you have given is a sure way to lose more jobs and make the U.S government more powerful than it is. To raise taxes on the rich and give all of the poor a chance to earn more money is a pipe dream of a Marxist thinking person for this is a way to control people and a way for the true elite to rule. When you think this way, then you are falling for the few who are in power and do not want us to prosper - they want us to be good little boys and girls and follow them for they know what is right and good for us. If you want to see a true person in the elite class look at the senators and congressmen and women in Washington, D.C. They are the ones we must fear and they are both Republicans and Democrats. These are the elite. We must fear not the rich but the ones who make us poor with all of the taxes they put on us and fines and spending for all of the pork barrel projects they sponsor and anything else you can think of.

When we think like this, that the government is the answer, we are wrong for it is the decisions we make. Do I go to school or not, do I save money or not, do I work hard and save the money I earn or do I spend it on things I do not need?" Let me say this to the man in the mirror for he is the one I need to ask these questions of, not the government or the rich, but myself.

When you look at a quote by Adolf Hitler you may understand this "The party must not become the servant of the masses, but their master." You can apply this to both parties for they think this way. You will l say this applies only to the Republicans but it also goes for the Democrats, too. (Nice seeing the word rat in "Democrat.") When you only want to tax the rich what will they do but move more jobs and services out of the country - which we have now but it will be worse for any tax money they do pay will be lost and so will jobs. Are you ready to see this happen? Is so, there will be more people poorer and in soup lines and trying to keep a roof over their heads.

The letter praises the president and President Clinton but do you think they are angels because they have tried to "help the poor?" No, they are just like the ones you are saying ruined this country. They both spent money on things that will cost us more in the long run. Look at President Clinton. He signed the More Affordable Housing Act. Where did that get us? People who could not afford a $300,000 home in trouble. Now this one in office will saddle us with a bloated government-run health care program which sounds nice but what of the ones who have never paid their health care bills in the past? Do they think they will pay now? (The government will take their tax refund but if they do not pay taxes, we will be stuck) No they will not for they believe that they are owed this for being good voters and keeping the elite in power.

So taxing the rich is not the answer but having people take responsibility for themselves is the best answer there is. The best answer is to keep government small and out of the charity business.

Steven Comstock

Cape Coral



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