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When will we the people wake up?

August 7, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

With elections coming up soon we the people must take back our government from both parties. A leader who started a war had a good quote which can describe both parties we have here in this country it goes like this "The party must not become the servant of the masses, but their master." This man is one of the most hated and despised men in the world and no, it are not President George W. Bush or President Obama, but no other than Adolf Hitler.

To understand what I am saying, let's look at who the true elite in this country really are. Most think it is the top 10 percent of the rich but I say no it is not, it is the ones who are in the senate and congress, the ones who run this country. To understand this we need to read the U.S Constitution. This is the guide for the legislative branch, executive branch, and the judicial branch of our great government.

When the founding fathers of our country wrote this it was to help keep the government small and be a servant of us, the people, not like it was back when the country was a colony of Great Britain as subjects of a king. The founding fathers did not want our government to be as big as it is now but knew they had to allow certain things to come to the front. They gave each branch a set of powers to use for the good of the country and to be able to limit each other's powers so no branch was stronger than the other. But we, the people, let them get strong (legislative branch) that they forgot they work for us, we can hire them by voting for them or fire them by voting them out. We let them bash each other and throw mud at each other and we vote for the better liar ,the one who can talk the best and is good looking. We need to stop the popularity vote and make them state where they stand on the issues and show us, the people, they work for us, not big money but the people of this country.

So when you vote do not vote for the party but what the person running stands for. And if they cannot stay on track and talk about the issues, then do not vote for either one. Be they Republican or Democrat, vote for the one who will stick to the issues and not throw mud.

Please read the United States Constitution which seems to be hard for both parties to understand. This can be found at any book store or online

Steven Comstock

Cape Coral



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