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Beware ‘RINO’ candidates

July 24, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Several sales terms have been popping into my head lately like "Let the buyer beware" and "Bait and switch." Let the buyer beware warns the buyer that if it looks too good to be true, then it is probably not the great deal that it appears to be. Bait and switch means that the buyer is offered one product, but when they actually go to purchase it they are switched to another product at a much higher price, or lower value.

Somehow, both of these sales terms have application in the current election.

Many of you attend candidate forums to hear candidates tell you what their platform is. In addition, you read information about the candidates in newspapers and online, and have intelligent conversation with others regarding the candidates. However, some of you may not be aware that several of the candidates now running for office were lifelong Democrats and have switched their registration to Republican just for this election. (Some people refer to these candidates as RINOs, (Republican In Name Only) Some lifelong Republicans who'd like to see radical change to the party's platform are also referred to as RINOs.

A current challenger for one of the Florida House of Representatives seats was a lifelong Democrat; he is now a registered Republican just for this race ! This same candidate is publicly encouraging Democrats to change parties to Republican, just for this election and he has quoted saying that in the local newspaper. Is this ethical?? And if elected, what code of ethics will he live by? It is safer to vote for a Republican who has always been a member of the party, someone with a track record of conservative values.

It is also notable that in one of the school board races, which is non-partisan, we have a candidate who also was a registered Democrat up until this election. Since the School Board election is non-partisan, why did they bother to switch to the Republican party? What do you think? This same candidate recently ran and lost as a Democrat for a state seat and began that campaign touting "collective responsibility."

Republicans cannot afford to rest on their laurels assuming we live in a Republican safe spot. We are not in a safe spot. Democrats are changing their registration and are appearing as wolves in sheep's clothing and infiltrating Republican ranks. I wonder if these Democrats, now switched to Republican stature, will do the old bait and switch and if elected, quickly support liberal legislation, laws, and taxing and spending habits. Neither of the Democrats, now Republican, mentioned above have any measurable public record of conservative community service.

Let the Buyer Beware. Look out for the Bait and Switch.

By the way, I love to fish. My father taught me to throw back some of the fish, as they are not suitable to bring to the table.

Lois Welsh

Cape Coral



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