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Our U.S.A. conundrum

July 17, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I find it more than a little disturbing every time I Google up the "National Debt Clock," in real time. It is not possible to understand the lack of concern by both houses of congress, the executive branch, and the entire mainstream news media. No one of consequence seems to be concerned. It is disquieting to watch the national debt clock grow at the rate of $53,000 per second, 24/7/365. Extremely few members of Congress are seriously interested in controlling government spending, and unfortunately those few are ridiculed and demonized by all others in Congress and at times, the mainstream news media. How is it possible for educated individuals to adopt such a frame of mind? What is missing?

Today we have more Americans receiving benefits from a variety of means-tested welfare programs than those working full time. According to a report issued by the Heritage Foundation, the government spends more on these 69 programs of social welfare than on both the public education system and defense spending. How did we ever let this happen? Does any one in D.C. truly think this is sustainable? It is not.

Politicians like to declare publicly that they have a plan to bring back the thousands of manufacturing jobs we have exported abroad. I have yet to hear what, exactly, this plan is. As I see it this will never happen unless we can convince our labor unions to work for wages in the area of $5 per day. Fat chance of this ever happening. This appears to be the prevailing overseas rate for most factory workers. Less in some countries. Sorry to say, those jobs are gone for good.

Unless we get government spending under control, we will most certainly go bankrupt. Imagine the domestic turmoil we will experience when our then defunct government is forced to stop mailing out Social Security checks, food stamps, welfare checks, rent subsidies, heat subsidies, etc, etc. All hell will break loose, as 73 percent of the general public is armed. We may very well become a third world country overnight. Not a very bright prospect.

I suspect a fairly large section of our government recognizes this event as a real possibility, otherwise President B.H. Obama would not have written and released an executive order on March 16, 2012 titled National Defense Resource Preparedness. Please Google this up and read it. You will be amazed to find that the President has designated the Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Health & Human Services, Secretary of Transportation, Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Commerce to be authorized, on behalf of the government, to seize all farms, food, food processing plants, water reserves and delivery systems, energy reserves, transportation, skilled laborers, and the entire military machine, et al!!! All of this to control potential substantial civil unrest, on a large scale. Mr. President, this is not the type of change we voters were hoping for.

It gets better. Dig a little deeper and Google up the "Indefinite Detention Bill." Congress has passed this bill and President B.H. Obama signed it into law on the eve of 12/31/2011. The eve of his very last day of his first term as President. This law enables the government to detain citizens without any charges or trial, for an indefinite period of time. This was a tremendous Xmas gift from our resplendent Congress and President B.H. Obama in 2011. More crowd control established on the sly. Our mainstream news media chose to ignore this bit of devious congressional enterprise. Once again, this is also not the type of change we voters were hoping for, Mr. President.

Finally, take a few minutes to Google up the designated location of the 800 (plus) FEMA USA detention camps and their locations.

Our main stream news media reports incessantly about the various and sundry acts and brands of terrorists in the Middle East and in Africa. They also just love to report on most of our domestic, ridiculous political infighting and political party antics. Perhaps they should be more concerned with those a lot closer to home whose intent and/or lack of concern is destroying the USA as we know and love it. Some think of congress and the executive branch as "domestic terrorists."

Time to wake up America.

Time for some new direction...pronto!

Robert E. Workman

Cape Coral



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