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It’s idiotic

July 10, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

There are those cawing for the President to do something about illegal immigration. We know who they are - they are the ones who demanded we build the fence from the Gulf Coast of Mexico to the Pacific. They actually approved billions to do it and started it (building the idiotic wall) before they stopped.

It must be biological. They're at it again. "Seal off, or secure the border," they caw. Continuing GW Bush policy, border security has increased from 8,000 to 21,000. They clearly don't know they sound so dumb. It's so simple to caw and complain when you're clueless.

Fact: they aren't getting in. They are turning themselves in. It's the response of an environmentally and economically blighted populace. This is just a version of what is happening around the world and it's growing. Transnational corporations are corrupting policy makers, ignoring the working classes.

Laws are being made for profit, not for people. Corporations are not real people, yet legislation and Supreme Court rulings empower these Vampire entities that don't die, to suck the life out of all our societies, leaving them to respond like hungry rats.

Those flag wavers that exist in service of corporations such should know they are tossing fewer scraps into your fouled nest. I'll remind you, America began its revolution over the same special interest controlling government.

Search this: East India Company, the Tea Act.

Then go have a conversation with your mirror.

Michael Bartley

Fort Myers Beach



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