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Government versus the people

July 10, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

A recent cartoon was very appropriate (Supreme Court versus America). However it well could represent the U.S. Congress versus America.

Congress has repeatedly treaded on America. We are now in a position that would take 20-plus years to restore the middle class. America was deceived by our conservative Congress and the conservative media repeatedly telling them lies and blaming others whenever they could. Probably the biggest lie was they did not know what was going on.

They planed the transfer of power from the people and executive branch to the rich and corporate America. They have already stacked the Supreme Court to their favor with conservatives. They used misleading terms - free-market, free-trade ,and smaller government. They then exaggerated the resulting deficit crisis.

Some call these conservatives destructive; that is being lenient. These conservatives are viscous, deceitful, evil, bigots.

Fifty years ago when President Johnson was working to pass civil rights legislation he had to contend with the Dixiecrats. He asked all Americans to join in the effort to bring justice and hope to all our people -and bring peace to our country. Even at that moment the conservative Dixiecrats were planning destruction.

Yes we are still divided and continue to suffer from bigotry and hate directed by some. In addition, the class division and the depression of the middle class by the conservative Republican tea party coalition of old Southern Democrats has our country in a prolonged period of decline. They knew what they wanted to accomplish and they now can buy the power they

Dr. Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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