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Illegal immigration fosters abuse of undocumented workers

July 10, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Is Illegal Immigration the next form of slavery in the United States?

When we see the men and women who cut the grass or pick oranges or any other product or work for private contractors who pick them up on a corner, are we allowing a form of slavery?

Most of the people who are here in this country illegally will work under the table for little pay and will send a lot home and keep some to live off here, but we need to look at it this way: We are promoting a type of slavery when we do this. These people get no help if they get hurt on the job (yes the contractor may drop them off at the emergency room and leave for they are hiding the fact that he or she are supporting a form of slavery by paying for cheap labor and avoiding payroll taxes and workers comp.) When we allow this type of behavior we are in a way supporting a form of slavery called indentured servitude which is described by this definition

Indentured Servant - a person who signs and is bound by indentures to work for another for a specified time especially in return for payment of travel expenses and maintenance. ("Indentured Servant." Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 20 June 2014. servant )

Which is the only one I have found to try and get my point across, I know that they are really not indentured servants but in many ways they are for when the person they work for has total control over them then they can be classified as servants. When I say this, I mean they (employer) can either call the police, not pay them, or hold them in bondage for a long time.

When our government wants to give amnesty for being illegal what are they saying we let you stay in slavery for a number of years or we only want your votes to keep us in office? The answer is both for both parties see cheap labor for a lot of companies as a way to stay in power.

I know most will not agree with this way of thinking and that is their right, but if they look at it this way then they will be more for the laws that need to be enforced to keep people from harm that is being encouraged by our government and some small businesses.

"We should honor every legal immigrant here, working hard to become a new citizen. But we are also a nation of laws." - President Bill Clinton, State of the Union Address, Jan. 23, 1996

When this president said this he was making more sense than the current President and the Senate and Congress or anyone who wants to give a free pass to most of the law breakers. If we do not stand up and stop this type of slavery we are no better than the slave owners of old.

There has been a number of stories of in the news about how young women from different countries who have come here illegally have been sold into prostitution and have been treated badly. But we ignore all of this to say these poor young girls should never have been used this way, this is one reason we need to stop the illegal crossing of our borders to stop this type of slavery for this is not what we are about. If this goes on we will never be safe or secure in our own homes.

Steven Comstock

Cape Coral



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