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Boathouse parking

June 26, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I was disappointed and surprised at the negativity of the new Boathouse parking and the business of the Boathouse. Some even complained about business making profit. Some folks just don't understand and are never happy with any change.

Personally, I have now visited the Boathouse nine times and never had a parking problem. I believe the valet parking was a first-class answer to the parking issue. Everyone could have used it.

Now, based on all the complaining, the valet parking is at the overflow lot, and the people that want to stay most of the day at the beach can get right up to the Boathouse and park all day and the folks that want a quick lunch or dinner have to go to the distant lot if they want the valet.

It really doesn't solve the so-called problem.

But before we just have open parking anywhere, why don't we install parking meters? Yes, parking meters. The issue is solved, everyone pays to park.

A city of more than150,000 people and we don't have a parking meter anywhere. Any beach area I go have parking meters and/or you have to pay. Guess what -people pay and they don't complain.

This new Boathouse is the jewel of the city and yet, we discourage people from going because of the so-called problem. On top of all this negativity the Boathouse is booming. I am tired of my friends telling me they don't go because of the "problem." What a joy it is and should be enjoyed by all.

It will be interesting to see the complaints about parking meters and am sure it will be interesting reading.

Tom McNulty

Cape Coral



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