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American on the brink

June 19, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

These are not political issues. America, by either choice or stupidity, is now teetering on the brink of absolute destruction. It's scandal after scandal. Disgrace after disgrace. And now, an overwhelming amount of disinterest places America, the greatest nation on earth, in jeopardy and faced with downright desolation.

We've trashed the Ten Commandments, ignoring the nation's morality, and literally spit in the face of God.

We continue to murder millions of babies in the womb and claim that the despicable act is not barbarism, and is not an indication that we have become a corrupt and vulgar society.

Let's examine where our sickening arrogance has led us.

In Benghazi four Americans were slaughtered, including our ambassador and no one either at home or abroad has been brought to task. The same idiots that were assigned to protect these Americans, and failed miserably, are still shaming us in Washington and being over paid for their ineffectiveness. And, those that tortured and killed the four Americans they're free, enjoying themselves, and laughing at the United States of America.

Then there's "fast & furious." More American heroes killed as a result of a Washington blunder. Again, no one held accountable, we just wrote it off and moved on to the next scandal.

We now have thousands of men, women, and children entering the U.S. illegally and the Washington "wizards" are doing nothing about it. It's a case where those who have sworn to uphold our laws and protect United States citizens now, because of the absence of morality, believe it's OK to violate their oath and turn their backs on the peace and the dignity of America. Make no mistake about it, without integrity at our borders all Americans are at risk!

Next, the IRS debacle. Laws were broken and still there have been no arrests. Every involved person at the IRS should be behind bars starting at the top, and with no exceptions.

Iraq imploding as we speak. Americans and American interests are at risk. Our finest generals advised the administration against a cause of action that has now exploded. We've wasted the efforts of thousands of our troops and again no accountability.

We have a disgusting deficit now in the neighborhood of $17 trillion dollars, and climbing. Our brightest economists have told this president and every member of Congress that it's unconscionable and dangerous to continue along this path. Once more, with the absence of morality and responsibility nothing is being done to bail us out. Our obvious attitude, we'll simply let the generations to come deal with our incredible obnoxiousness.

And, then of course, our veterans. Our greatest Americans, who gave their limbs and more for us and for the preservation of democracy, men and women, in desperate need treated with disrespect and disinterest left in pain to die, all orchestrated by bureaucratic morons that need one good swift kick in the pants. Amazingly, these obvious criminals received bonuses for their despicable treatment of thousands of veterans. And still no arrests and no system reform.

No doubt, with the curtain coming down around us, all sane Americans are saying Mr. President, before it's too late, stop the nonsense. Be a man, admit you were wrong and right those wrongs. Stop pointing fingers. Stop involving yourself in matters like the changing of the Washington Redskins name. Stop saying that your people are very busy and working hard. Stop posturing before the cameras. Recognize that America was born and has prospered by way of accepting that our motto "In God WE Trust" means that morality is directly related to truth and respect for His edicts and this is the only way to solve our problems. You've sworn to do the right thing do it, before it's too late!

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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