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June 19, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The valet parking issue at the Yacht Club has been resolved for now. The power of the people prevailed and the valet parking was moved to the overflow lot on Driftwood. One issue remains at the Yacht Club and that is the paucity of Handicap Parking by the pier and the Boathouse.

The local Chapter for the ADA, in conjunction with the opinion of the Department of Justice, is working to get at least one more Handicap parking place at the pier and the Boathouse. Again the power is with the people! Speak up people.

In other news our new Mayor has dusted off the old plans to revamp the area in and around the Sunset Towers and is pushing this $30,000,000 and probably more project to "make us a world destination". How many times have I heard this? Too many!

Then we are all treated to pictures of a bridge on Surfside that appears to be falling a part! We were told by Maintenance Division Manager Chris Camp that "any bridges 20 feet or more are inspected every two years by the State and it's very thorough"! We are further told that "the City has a special crew that looks at all bridges and regularly maintains them." Camp stated that "the City has special funds set aside to pay for their repairs" If in fact the City has the funds set aside why is the bridge on Surfside in such a state of disrepair? Why if the State and the City are inspecting the bridges on such a regular basis??

Then our very own Mayor Sawicki states "We haven't had the funds to fix the, look at them, correct them. And to me and this council that is a hazard. That is something that we need to look at." Perhaps the Mayor needs to speak with Mr. Camp and the city manager about the bridge problems to find out why this has happened. Alternatively, learn about the city's special funds and what they are for! I know it is a big nut to crack having only lived here for three years. Excuses just do not cut it!

Mayor Sawicki further states "We just can't wait anymore. I look for this council to really be proactive in trying to undo and fix a lot of the issues that have been left and stagnant for the last six years." More excuses! Is this Mayor Sawicki hinting to a tax increase?

Mayor Sawicki what about those special funds that have been set aside? What about four of the present council members - Carioscia, Nesta, Erbrick and Donnell - being on the Council since 2011? They are all still up there and were in the majority on the Council! What about Councilmember Donnell? He has been on Council since 2007. What about Councilmember Burch, who was on Council in 2007 and 2008??

Is the Mayor blaming five of her current Council members for this travesty? Sure sounds that way. It is time for all the blame games to stop and just do the job that you were elected to do.

If you agree, contact the Mayor and Council at or call the Council at 574-0401 or the Mayor at or call her at 574-0436

Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral



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