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Cape strongman crushes 23 world records

June 12, 2014
By MELISSA SCHNEIDER ( , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

After a one-hour session with destiny earlier this week, local strongman and world-record-holder (and breaker) David "The Mighty" Gonzales did not beat his intended 11 world records he planned to shatter that day. After a lightly winded call shortly after his heavy-handed showdown, Gonzales reported he broke a staggering 23!

"My little surprise was that I was not only going to try to establish 11 world records from the title-holders today," Gonzales stated directly after his victory, "but I?was going to establish 23 of them, and I did that."

The strongman tells us a little of his muscle-bound feats that afternoon, from Anytime Fitness, Cape Coral. "At first, I started with calisthenics and deep-knee bends, and those, themselves, almost got me. I thought I was going to have to call 9-1-1. My heartbeat was over 220 beats per minute. But I used techniques learned in yoga to calm myself and continue with the record-smashing."

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Cape Coral resident David “The Mighty” Gonzales.

Michael Pistella

The strong man not only established multiple world records Monday afternoon for speed, strength and fitness, but he also achieved additional ones for the most established within a certain amount of time.

"Two of them were the most world records set in one hour and the most set in one day," he stated. "And I?established five world records within five minutes."

Other records he broke that day include: 1) The most neck presses; 2) Most free-hand squats in one minute (85 reps); 3) Most in two minutes (145 reps); 4) Most in three minutes (205); 5) Most in four minutes (270); 6) Final time in five minutes (335); 7 and 8) Most reps with the left and right arms (60-pound dumbbells, 40 reps with each hand); 9) Lifting two 50-pound dumbbells 18 times in 15 seconds; 10 and 11) Lifted those dumbells 45 times in one minute with both the left and right arms; 12 and 13) Lifted two 45-pound dumbells 100 times the fastest (1 minute, 58 seconds); 14) Most knuckle push-ups with feet elevated four feet off the ground (75 in one minute); 15 and 16) Most one-armed rowing reps with a 40-pound dumbell, lifting to chest, lowering to floor (105 reps with each arm, lifting a total of 4,200 pounds in each arm in one minute's time); 17) Most reverse curling on an EZ-Curl bar (34 reps in just under a minute); 18) Most back-of-neck lifts (180 pounds for 52 reps); 19) Most front-of-neck lifts (180 pounds in 36 reps); 20) Fastest time to reverse-curl a 45-pound Olympic bar (45 reps in 30 seconds); 21) and repeated again using forearms (another 45 reps in 30 seconds); 22) Along with the most world records broken in one hour, as well as one day (No. 23).

"Members of the audience kept track, as well as my fitness partner, Mike Shephard, and all have been recorded with, as well as uploaded to YouTube," the strongman stated. "I was so happy to see a dozen-or-so supporters who came out to support me. I am so thankful to them."

After all was said and done, it was yet another day in the life of a strongman, and after a few hours of catching his breath and winding down after such an enormous feat, "I'll be taking a few days to rest and recover, and then focus all of my energy on shear brute strength, in preparation for my summer show in Atlantic City for Ripley's Believe It or Not, and possibly Hammond Stadium, all within the next several weeks."

For sponsorship information of the strongman, or to schedule David "The Mighty" Gonzales at your next event, call 239-233-4102 or email



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