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Update on the Yacht Club parking debacle

June 5, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Monday night's Council meeting was quite interesting. Many residents spoke at citizens input with reference to the parking issue at the Yacht Club.

One of the most insightful comments was that the selling of alcohol in a public park was disturbing to say the least, especially with children wanting to go get a snack at the restaurant where alcohol is being sold.

In checking with Cape Coral Park Rules on the City website, it states "Alcohol is not permitted in any park unless pre-permitted for a City approved event". A permanent restaurant cannot be construed as an event"! It is further stated in the Beaches segment of the City Website that "alcohol is not permitted in either of the parks there are no lifeguards on duty"! Does that not have a hint of danger to it? Alcohol and no lifeguards!

In my trips down to the Yacht Club I noticed an extremely large refrigerated trailer parked with its motor roaring and another trailer for ice taking up valuable free parking. There was no parking available in the free spots. Alternatively, most of the blocked off valet parking spots were empty yet the restaurant was full!

Councilman Burch stated he had been down to the Boathouse with his wife and another couple and chose to park in the free parking spots. I suspect many of the patrons to the restaurant are parking in the free spots leaving the valet parking spots empty!

It was stated by Mr. Pohlman that no handicap spaces had been removed. I sincerely beg to differ on that comment.

My suggestions would be as follows: Valet parking needs to be moved off site post haste. A food truck or food wagon needs to be placed at the Yacht Club to service the families with children or people that do not want/ or cannot pay $8.95 for a hot dog and even more if you add a soda.

Stop the selling of alcohol at the Yacht Club as it appears to be in conflict with Park Rules as noted on the City website.

To wit:

If you agree, contact the Mayor and Council at or call the Council at 574-0401 or the Mayor at or call her at 574-0436. Let them know very clearly how you feel about this parking/alcohol/other issues at the Yacht Club.

While you are at it, tell them how you feel about them considering allowing billboards in Cape Coral and the paid-for study they are doing to see if the City of Cape Coral will take over the electric service from LCEC. The cost to the taxpayer and residents would be more than enormous, if that takeover ever took place! More on that in another letter.

What is going on is with this Mayor and Council is an outrage to every resident and taxpayer of Cape Coral!

Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral



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