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Yacht Club parking problem

June 5, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I listened to Mr. Pohlman's explanation of how they were going to solve the parking problem at the Yacht Club. All he and his staff have done is expand the number of valet parking spots. How is that going to alleviate the parking problem in the free parking along the beach? Taking the boat trailer parking from the lot along Driftwood is wrong. We who trailer boats pay for that parking privilege. Boat trailer parking was taken from that lot and moved further away from the ramp. If anything, parking should be closer, but we know that will never happen.

What is going to happen when the snowbirds come back? I can just see how much worse this situation will be then. I am not against the Boathouse restaurant. I am against the city giving away parking rights along the building for valet parking. The Boathouse is getting money from the valet parking.

Another thing is, where in their lease does it say they can rent cabanas and lounge chairs on that little part of beach in front of the building by the water? As far as I know, the lease is for gas sales and restaurant.

Handicapped parking is another issue that is more or less separate from the Boathouse parking. Mr. Pohlman was at the Yacht Club, but can't tell us how many handicapped spots there are at the foot of the fishing pier. There was two, but that may have changed when they redid the parking. There actually are not enough handicapped parking spaces along the beach. I know the law probably states how many are required for the number of parking spaces in that area. The city should look at the demographics and determine by that how many handicapped ones are needed. Cape Coral does have a large resident handicap population.

I wish they would really do something in the entire Yacht Club area to correct the parking situation. Also, leave the boat trailer parking alone. We already gave up closer-to-the-ramp parking. We do pay for that privilege too.

Bruce Miller

Cape Coral



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