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Another view

June 5, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

On May 30, a letter appeared on the opinions page of the Cape Coral Breeze. This letter was by Mr. Bill Pranger of Cape Coral. He told how long he had been living here and how happy he was with this area. This is very good. However he is mistaken about several things.

My husband's family moved here in 1962 and currently he and I are members of the Historical Society. I agree with Mr. Prager in regard to those people who complain frequently. If they are so unhappy in Cape Coral, they are free to move. I do agree when they say that we have high taxes, but that's the price you pay to live in paradise. But if Mr. Prager thinks that our taxes are no higher than other states, perhaps he should look at our nearest neighbor Georgia and make the comparison.

Yes, the price of water and sewer is also high. We do have a dual water system currently, but how is our city supposed to grow when we have lots that are valued at only $4000 with a $25,000 dual water system bill attached? Would you buy it?

The next question was have you ever lived in a city as safe as Cape Coral? My answer to that would be no. However I never lived in a city that had as many police per capita. Now we go off the deep end with the question about the Cape Coral Fire Department. Once again we have a fire department that is far too large for a city where many of the residents have moved out. Both of these departments are a large financial strain on our budget. Look around at the large empty fire halls we have now. Look at the large new, multilevel Police Department that occupies an entire city block. Do we really need it?

We are fortunate in Cape Coral that we have a new Veterans Administration hospital and very qualified people who operate it. There are all these ideas regarding the way it should be handled. If the writer is so knowledgeable about the Veterans Administration and how it should operate, perhaps he should have stepped in and stopped Mr. Shinseki from retiring. Instead of complaining about our Mayor, perhaps you should have voted for Mr. Sullivan. He is a veteran.

In the future, instead of talking about how you moved to Cape Coral in 1988, you should discuss some of your opinions with someone who moved here in 1962. That, sir, was 26 years before you and we have really seen some changes here.

Mary West

Cape Coral



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