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Council should represent the taxpayers

May 29, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I do not agree with this new tax that the city put on us but, if this helps, here is a statue you can look up

224. 624.520 f.s.

Abstract: 624.520?Preemption by state. (2)?This section shall not be construed to limit or modify the power of any incorporated city or town to levy the taxes authorized by ss. 175.101 and 185.08 or the power of any special fire control district to levy the taxes authorized by statute....

When you read what this says the city can do what it wants but I would like to see them use the fire assessment tax for the fire department like they said it was for.

So when the council's new members were voted in they were to bring about a change, not be the same as the past councils. We cannot trust the new members for they are nothing but true tax-and-spenders. They say we understand the problems the people of Cape Coral face. They do not, they only see what they want.

They want to leave a legacy which they do not deserve or have earned. We need to tell this mayor (queen and her court) and the council they work for the citizens of the Cape, not themselves, of which they have lost sight.

We, as voters, need to go to meetings and fight for our rights and stop the queen and here court plus the jester (city manager) from wasting our money and using scare tactics to get more money. We know the police and fire departments will not be disbanded or cut down to a token force. But the city council, like any other government, tries tell us otherwise for they are puppets of the almighty unions and are not true leaders.

Steven Comstock

Cape Coral



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