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What more can you ask for?

May 29, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I have lived in Cape Coral for 26 years and while I read the letters to the editor, I have only sent a couple since we moved here in 1988. So this is important to me.

I am really fed up with people constantly complaining about our city. If you read some, even most, of the letters you would think this is a terrible place to live. Expensive, dirty, high taxes, incompetent and dishonest leadership, needless spending, and it seems like anything else that can be construed as bad or evil.

Let's take high taxes. They have got to be kidding. Are the taxes more here than they were where they came from? I lived in four states, six different cities and every one was taxed a lot more than here. Our taxes, and I suspect, almost every one else's, came down when they moved here.

As for the water and sewer construction. Who is supposed to pay the bill? And what right does anyone have to ask other people to pay it? Everyone has paid in the price of their house. Yes, it was less but it was also a lot longer ago. The last question is: if this was such an important issue why did you buy there? Why didn't you move into an area that had already been done?

Did any of us ever live in a city as safe as Cape Coral ? Or with a better fire department? We should be thankful to those people and, by the way, that reflects on the leadership. It always comes from the top down. I am a very staunch opponent of unions, however I just read the other day that unions were part of the evil people controlling our city. In my opinion the unions here at least try to work with the city and I believe that for a union they have been reasonable these past five-six years.

Our city has somehow muddled through with councils that have been good, bad and mediocre while the city has grown from 0 to 160,000. People who argue against spending to keep our city up should think of what the result will be if we let the maintenance slide. We all want a nice looking and vibrant city and that is not free. I really believe that all councils do the best they know how. Yes, many have been incompetent and maybe stupid, but they have usually done what they thought best. Incidentally, I truly believe we have had some really bad council members. (We used to call them kooks, now we swear at them.)

Finally, my wife and I think this is probably the luckiest thing that has ever happened to us - except for our kids. The people here are friendly, interesting, sociable, and caring. The cost of living is cheaper than any place I have ever lived, the weather is great. What more can we ask for? Where is it better?

Bill Pranger

Cape Coral



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