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Cape Coral named a ‘Top Place’ to live?

May 22, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I don't think the Movoto survey people contacted the residents of the city to ask them what they think of the city. Had they done so, they might have came up with another city andwe would be 100, not in fifth place.

Yes, Cape Coral might have been a nice place 10 or 15 years ago but not now with the people we have running this city. We are one of the worst-run cities in the state of Florida and the capital of tax and fees and assesments. We have plenty of those.

We have a city manager that gets a car allowance and the residents get to pay for it.If he knew what he was doing we wouldn't mind but he don't have a clue how to run a city, the only thing he is good at is adding more fees to run the city and waste more money from the taxpayers of this city.

Perhaps someday we will vote people in that can put a end of the waste and put a end to the unions that are in charge of this city.

Roy Spegele

Cape Coral



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